Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dress Like a Teacher Day

OK, I'm just going for it.
I am soooo behind and it has kept me from blogging, but I'm just going to write and see where that gets me.
Sooo, there's a couple things you need to know about today.

First, William snuck Caity's lunch from the fridge, hid under his bed and ate all the good stuff without any of us knowing. I for real, thought I had early onset alzhiemers trying to find Caity's lunch today. She kept looking at me like I was crazy, and I kept opening the fridge saying, "I swear I...."

Second, Matthew is Mr. Sass. He keeps trying to go down the deck stairs and he will just glare at you the whole time saying "No!" (Pronounced, "Nuh!") all like, "Don't even try to stop me mom." It is the funniest thing, I think he is imitating a certain older sibling...

Third, today I didn't stop going from wake up until nine o clock in the evening it. was. hectic. But in kind of a good way. My favorite part was volunteering in Johnny's class. I kind of like kids and it was kind of fun.  It was also so cute to see that boy in a classroom setting. (see pictures from his teacher at the bottom of this post.)

Fourth, This week is Spirit week at the kids' school. It is homecoming for the high school on Friday so the whole town gets involved. Every day has a dress up theme. Yesterday was pajama day (best day ever. seriously.) And today was dress like a teacher day. The kids were so cute trying to figure out good outfits. Johnny wanted to be his principal and Caity wanted to be Mrs. Galer. Caity requested a loose braid, and Johnny wanted parted hair like Mr. Williams.  They were so cute and excited.

Caity's teacher name tag! Ugh, I just love her.  (You can see how excited she is by her fists when I took the picture.)  

Johnny and his teacher, Mrs. Shupe (who is dressed up like a kid in "the coolest ninja turtle shirt for grown ups you should get one, Mom.")  His teacher said he walked into class, pointed his finger and said,  "Now listen here! I'm the principal! In your seats! Listen here!"  It cracked me up and it cracked Johnny up retelling it to me when he got home, haha.  He said Mr. Williams walked up to him and said, "Oh, hello Principal Williams, WAIT! I'M Principal Williams!" And then Johnny apparently pointed his fingers at his principal and said, "GOTCHYA!" And they both laughed, "so hard we thought we would break our ankles."  I'm sorry I missed that, I don't know that I ever have laughed that hard.

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Ellen said...

I love everything about this post. Your kids are the best and that Johnny-boy is one funny dude! Life is Good :)

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