Thursday, September 29, 2016

Miss Shupe's Pizzaria

An ongoing theme in Johnny's kindergarten this month has been pizza. His teacher has incorporated it into his learning and it has been so fun for him and the other kids. For the last school day of the month, parents were invited to a pizzaria party.
It was seriously the cutest thing ever.
Here's all the chefs with their restaurant logo.

Chef Johnny took my order. I ordered a pizza with two olives, two peppers, four pinapple and one pepperoni. His little fingers killed me!

Here he is preparing my pizzas!

I had to take a little picture of their pizza stations!
While our pizza cooked, we got to listen to the songs they have been working on.

Here are our pizzas. Johnny sat on my lap and we had ourselves a nice little cuisine. It was so fun to spend time with that cute boy. Meanwhile, Cate had quite the day at school as well, with visiting livestock and all!

Tonight starts harvest break for the kids. I am SO excited to have all my kids home!!

1 comment:

Brooke said...

I've been reading all your posts, Mary. I wish so bad we lived close because I think we could really be best friends!

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