Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pillow Stacks and Grown Up Clothes

Right now I  am waiting in the car for Johnny to get done with school. William and Matthew are in the back seat having an evil laugh contest and it is cracking me up. Matthew's little cackle!

Last night when I was trying to get William to sleep he buried his head in his pillow and said "You're driving me NUTS!"

Johnny and William are on this stacking pillows kick. Everyday they pull all the pillows from the entire house (even out from under my head) stack them in the couches and enjoy their movie while sitting on their throne.

Yesterday was my last pack meeting with pack 305 cub scouts. It was bitter sweet. We had an obstacle course that involved kids dressing in grown up clothes and it was so funny. Johnny and Caity were all giggles.

It's later. I got home late and was greeted by a very hyper three year old, laying next to a very tired thirty one year old. William was just so happy sitting next to his dad. 

At activity Days, Caity ate 8...EIGHT cookies. We had a little talk about manners when got home, but it was a bit difficult on account of her inability to hold still with that much sugar coursing through her body! Apparently, just do you know, if she could be any animal it would be some enormous breed of tarantula that lives in south Africa and eats monkeys. Really.

It is raining now and I'm getting all the falls feels. You know how I love rain!

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