Sunday, October 30, 2016

General Conference Weekend

I was so excited to write about General Conference Weekend that I saved these pictures to a post, but then never found time to actually write! Blast it.  Now I can't remember much. I do remember it was a good weekend. 
It was a blistery fall, day. There were strong winds howling and blowing leaves around the air while my kids rode bikes.  It being the first of October, we were excited to pull out some of our favorite fall flavors. We made pumpkin french toast and apple sauce muffins and chicken pot pie soup. 
While we listened to the sessions Caity took notes, Johnny memorized parts enough to earn his candy corn, William colored, Matthew terrorized...but mostly the kids just played with legos while John and I took it all in.  It was a good weekend listening to Prophets and feeling inspired to be better.
For the womens' session, I was able to bring Caity, as she is now eight that was such a special treat for me. I just love that girl. After the session, we walked home and even though we were all shivers and chattering teeth, I couldn't help but recognize Caity's big, peaceful smile- as if it was moments like this she lived for....recognizing it, because I felt the same way!  So grateful to have a daughter.
During the priesthood session, I cleaned the house while Matthew and William chased each other with their shirts half off and Caity and Johnny tried to make the biggest lego tower in the world. 
It was just a GOOD weekend. 
I am grateful I had to opportunity to experience the gospel in such a wonderful way with my people.

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