Friday, October 28, 2016

The Pumpkin Patch

On Tuesday we gathered our crew and headed to RC Acres in search of three perfect pumpkins. Fall presented itself beautifully, providing a breathtaking sunset for our adventure and a warm breeze to push us along. October squeezed the last of its colors for us, and we drank in the beautiful scenery chalkfull of yellows, oranges, browns, and reds. 
It was so good to get away from our busy days for a moment and savor beautiful Idaho together as family. 
We enjoyed kernal pits, tubing slides, haystacks, train rides, and a corn maze...and Matthew particularly enjoyed the little green wagon he got to jolt around the patch in. 
We set out on a quest, and found the world's best pumpkins for carving...that were slightly rotten.
We ran and we laughed and we felt everything life was meant to feel like.
I live for evenings like the one we spent at the pumpkin patch.

Happy Fall. :)

1 comment:

Ellen said...

Looks like fun! Yikes, those rotten pumpkin sound interesting…… Life is good :)

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