Monday, May 15, 2017

Let's Go Ride a Bike

Thursday night John and I decided is was finally time for William to graduate from the creepy little tricycle he rode around our parking lot.  Every time we go to Walmart, William runs to the bikes and says, "Oh yes, this is my bike I want for my, THIS is the bike I uh weally want for my birfuhday." His face expression when I suggested we just buy it today? Priceless. He made all sorts of promises of never being mean again to keeping his bed clean (he's a hoarder, so this was a big deal.) 
William, Caity, and Johnny took to the parking lot on their bikes as soon as we got home. Caity and Johnny were so attentive to their little brother teaching him how to break (albeit unsuccessfully) and how to go over bumps in the concrete without falling over (again unsuccessfully). Their effort was so touching to this mother's heart! While they were riding fast and furious around their turf, Matthew and I sat on the porch playing with " 'cary guys and good guys".  With the sun setting, it was a perfect end to the day.

Saturday seemed like the Day of the Bikes.  
We woke up early and rode a bike trail to McDonald's.  One of my all time favorite views is seeing everyone in front of me riding and laughing. For a brief moment, all seems right in the world, you know; until someone runs into a trash can or something.  On the way home from McDonald's, John and the older kids played at a bike park with dirt mounds and jumps; I'm always so impressed with their lack of inhibitions- they get that from their dad! For the last leg of the journey, John asked William to show us the way home.  He squared his little shoulders and he was so proud of himself peddling his little heart out.  He took the responsibility seriously.
Every time I'd help Wiliam over a bump or up a little hill, he'd say "Thanks Mom," and always turn around and say,  "Do you need help now, mom?" I must say, I was flattered by that little gentleman! 
It was just a great outing for all the kids. 
Johnny would fall behind on purpose just so he could pedal as fast as he could to pass everyone.
Matthew sat with his hands in his pockets in the seat behind John, giggling whenever John raced up a hill.
Caity rode in the back with me for awhile just talking to talk, "Yeah, Matthew in my class has a crush on me. I know he has a crush on me, he knows that I know, and our whole class knows; but I just tell them: 'Look guys, a crush just means you think someone is really cool. It's not a big deal, you can still be friends and stuff.'"  (I just love her.) 
We went on a couple more bike rides to places throughout the day, and it was just an all around great way to spend a Saturday. I'm grateful for John for making us get out of the, five more days until the next Saturday!

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Ellen said...

Looks like so much fun! Life is Good :)

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