Friday, May 12, 2017

No, I Didn't Give Up Blogging

The other day I was wasting time on the computer and it weighed me down. I thought, "Wow, the internet is a lousy place. I'm boycotting it. Like, for REAL this time. No more Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat...nothing. It seems every single post I read today was negative- I logged into a world of bitter, bleak, self-indignant-----well, except for that one post." And stopped mid-thought, changing directions.
My husband's grandma, Carolyn, wrote a cute little bit about her amazing ability in growing dandelions- and I must ask alongside her- who decided those things were weeds anyway? Her words made me smile and miss her in that achy-heart, just-an-afternoon-would-do way.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was approaching my frustrations all wrong. Something so simple as a post about dandelions counteracted at least fifteen negative posts. Of course it is OK to vent frustrations and point out discrepancies and facebook can seem like a valid platform to be heard- but when done from a place of self indulgence, pride, and bitterness- it hardly ever promotes the change you hope to inspire.  More often than not, it just spreads more bitterness and more frustrations. Rather than opening hearts to your perspective, people are more likely to become closed off and defensive- driving a deeper wedge in our differences rather than inspiring the change and perspective aimed for.
  At least that is my opinion.  
Yet, there is something about negative posts that seem to suck me in, and I willingly dive into a pool of angry emotions on my own free will.  And I hate it.  I hated the way I felt after my facebook excursion...and that two hours later I was still harboring resentment....until as I already said- I was reminded of dandelions. 
So...perhaps the solution isn't boycotting the internet (duh.) Perhaps it is deliberately choosing to be the good.  There is so much in life worth rejoicing amidst the political unrest, the differing moral views, the wars, and the injustices.  There are daily moments that wake us every morning feeling a compelled determination to live a more full life.  It is the smell of the lilacs blooming in my parking lot, piles of Legos color coordinated by a six year old boy, the three year old praying that he'll remember to be nice, the giggles when you push a belly button, the swelling anticipation every time I see John's car pull into the driveway after work. It's the tucking kids in bed multiple times- when finally on the fifth time you remember why you like those kids so much, it's snow cones, it's holidays, it's a good book, it's a bear hug, it's walks to the library, it's when you feel God is listening to your prayers, it's strangers smiling at the grocery's just insignificant moments of our daily life that set a climate of gratitude and purpose. 
And it's not much, but it's the good I can gladly contribute.
And that whole shpeal was supposed to be two sentences. But it's me we're talking about here.
So, here's to hopping back on the wagon!


shaylee jensen said...

AAhaa! I just spoke with her today about those dandelions! Maybe this will mean you are gonna blog more often? I sure hope so, you add so much good in this world.

Ellen said...

Love this and love y'all! Life is Good :)

Adrianne Jensen said...

See this is why you NEED to blog!!! You just countered over 100 negative things with your one blog! Love you!!!

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