Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sheep(ish) Falls

A couple of weeks ago, we thought it would be a grand adventure to hike down to Sheep Falls and have a little bonfire.  It didn't go as planned.
We got stuck.
REAL stuck.
The actual frame of the truck was propped in the snow and no matter what we tried, those tires just spun. As you know, this isn't our first rodeo stuck in the mud/snow/whatever. My husband likes to push his limits and majority of the time, it lands us in a wild adventure that we otherwise wouldn't have had access to. I love his adventuring spirit. This time, however; it landed us into the snow.  Every time we do get stuck, I am impressed with John and his positive outlook and ingenuity through the whole ordeal. 
The below picture is the beginning of our grand adventure. By the time we left, the tires were buried another six inches in the snow!

It was a hot day, so playing in the snow was actually kind of fun for the kids.  The kids and I searched for rocks to lodge under the tires while John dug with a stick.
Two hours later we still had no luck in the stuck-vehicle department.  The kids and I played lava tag on the lava rocks, made snowballs, searched for bobcats, and read books in the car; but that suburban was not budging.
We finally caved and called in back up.
While we waited for friends to arrive, we decided to have a little bonfire. Despite the soggy wood and pine cones, we got a fire going strong enough to make us some very luke warm hot dogs. The kids thought it was a success, so that's something. Haha. As John was working to start the fire, Matthew and William would blow air into the flames just like their dad. Their serious concentration kept John and I laughing. What would we have done without their help?

Our friends finally arrived and they were met with a bunch of kids jumping up and down like they had been stranded for two weeks. Long story short, we broke a couple tow ropes and eventually John was able to go back with another friend and pull the suburban out with a massive chain. We have wonderful friends.
Personally, I found the overall outing to be quite an adventure. 
I know John was pretty sore the next day, but I imagine deep down he had a grand ole time spending the day in the partial wilderness with me. 
Isn't he dreamy?

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