Friday, May 12, 2017

Snip, Snip!

Yesterday the boys got haircuts. I usually am the culprit for the uneven blending, but yesterday John gave it a go- and he did a terrific job.  I was on bath tub duty, washing off the hairy backs and dunking screaming heads (affectionately) in and out of the water.  From my view on the toilet seat, I was in a pretty happy place. He's a good dad. They're good boys. The sun is shining outside, and Life is good.
Matthew kept checking his reflection when ever he could and would just smile at himself and wave or shrug. So cute.

William wasn't so thrilled...haha!

1 comment:

shaylee jensen said...

They are so grown up! Look at them! I would however like to know how caity's turned out ;)

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