Friday, July 21, 2017

Life has been really good lately.  I have enjoyed spending my summer days with my four little best friends. Yesterday after our picnic at Porter Park, we stayed a little longer and played with friends through a summer storm.  I had to peel them from the swings and slides when it was time to go home.  
Later, while I went running, John took the kids to the splash park. They came back so, SO happy. Every single child was just glowing. I love when they get special time with just John.
I ended the day spending time with my little sister, Rebecca. We don't see each other as much as I would like and every time we do, I get all the feels.  I was so excited when as the only girl, my mom exclaimed I would have a little sister, and Rebecca has not disappointed! It was nice to have a heart to heart over nachos with the only person who loves nachos the way I do.
Here's to another day of packing, bike rides, and good-fill-your-heart moments.

Sidenote: we are without a computer right now, so my posts are written on my phone....excuse the more than normal typos please! Thank you!

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