Monday, June 2, 2014

The Attic

When we (finally) made it to Denver, we were pretty anxious to see our place.
We were in and out of touch with the landlord and weren't even certain that he had an apartment for us anymore.
It was a little overwhelming. 
We made our way down York St, anticipating what our new home would be like. 
We found the right street and started down the back alley way looking at addresses.
I mentally ranked each house we drove by on whether or not I wanted to live there.
As we pulled pass a certain home, I literally thought,
 "please don't be it, please don't be it, please don't be it..."
And as fate would have it, that was our home! 
A blurry picture of the back of the home- blurry is good, it doesn't look so bad!
All I saw was the electrical lines coming every which way from the house, the peeling paint, and the overgrown back yard.
All the kids saw was a little swing and a fort under the grape vines- they were in heaven.
I didn't say anything and tried to smile, but I'll be honest, my heart was breaking inside. 
How was I going to stay positive?
I mean, we've done dingy apartments before, and I knew we could do it again especially since it is only for two months.
But just because I could, doesn't mean I wanted to.
I smiled with my mouth, but I knew my eyes must have looked panic by the face expression I got from John.
I tried to look more convincing.
We got past the busted door and walked up the narrow flights of unvaccumed, stained-walled stairs.  I thought, "OK, I can vaccum! I can do this, and I just won't touch the walls!"  There are 7 apartments in this old "mansion" and we were renting the Attic.
We entered the apartment and what do you know, the previous tenants left us all sorts of pleasant surprises! 
The good news is, we didn't need dishes or bath soaps and shampoos or sheets or... well a lot of other things...including a bong.  The bad news is, we actually did need those things (except for the bong), because as it turns out- we just weren't into that kind of inheritance from people we didn't know. 
There was food in freezer and fridge, dirty dishes, stained area rugs, random "art work" spewed around the house, dirt and grime all over the floors, walls, doors and bathroom...and my heart sank. What was I going to do?  My optimism was slowly giving away as I realized it was bed time and this place was in no condition for my babies to sleep.
Johnny and Caity seemed to look on the bright side, Johnny was excited the window didn't have a screen, so he could just jump out if he wanted (remember- third floor people!)  Caity liked that she could see our room from her room (which I liked too.) William just drooled and ate a plastic bag.
Thank goodness for family in the Denver area.  John's grandparents live in Aurora and welcomed us into their home that night.  I was so grateful.  We sat and talked to them into the night and I felt so blessed to have had them there to lift our spirits.  Such great people.
The next morning brought a relatively expensive trip to WalMart for cleaning supplies. 
Off to our Attic we went with a renewed determination that it was going to be a great adventure.
7 trash bags later and the place was already starting to look better.
Then came the game changer.
John and I expected to spend the entire four days cleaning, but Kristen, Jordan and Cordan showed up early for their wedding and jumped right in to help us. John's grandparents also started right in as soon as they got there.  John's Grandpa was a tornado with the broom. Jordan and Cordan squeezed into the little bathroom and scrubbed away.  Everyone was just busy as can be and it felt kind of like when Snow White overhauled the dwarf's cottage.  Except we didn't enlist the help of animals. Though, there was a lot of cat hair. In the fridge. huh.  

That balloon was a on a box John's grandma put together for us full of food to stalk our kitchen for the first couple of days- boy, did it come in handy! The kids loved that balloon. I have only thought it was an intruder in the middle of the night twice! haha

Sometimes "thankful" seems so trite...this was one of those times.  We finished everything within a few hours. 
I couldn't even believe it. 
The little Attic looked completely different! 
And it felt like home.
From one corner of the living room. 
From the opposite corner (again, sorry for my cheap phone pictures!)

From the door of the kids room

From the door of our room

At the top of the stairs, looking into the kitchen.

The bathroom

Now that I have focused on the negative.  Let me tell you about all the positive.  The rent is awesome- did I mention utilities were included? We are just a block from a really fun park. There is a washer and dryer in the basement. There is a backyard for the kids to play in. We are only a couple blocks from a pretty legit Marijuana Clinic There is an area for the kids to ride their bike. The neighborhood feels safe. It is actually a cute little apartment, I like the colored walls. The apartment came furnished so we saved quite a bit on things we had planned on purchasing. The kids love the apartment. There are cool little features that you can tell are from the original house.
All in all, it is going to be a fun two months. I am pretty excited.
We have already made some lasting memories in our Little Attic.
The boys were playing freeze tag between a car and a stuffed dog. Caity made sure to unfreeze them over and over again.


Whitney said...

Oh my goodness I can't even imagine what that would have been like seeing that! I can't believe you got rid of the bong though... I mean come on! What a tender mercy to have somewhere to stay and family to come help you guys get it liveable! Well done on finding the positives and I hope it really is a great summer even with all of the quirks! :)

Nate and Chelsea Peck said...

Oh my goodness. You are a GOOD woman! I would have taken one look and been like NOPE. It looks great though now that you have cleaned it up a bit!! You must be here for an internship or something? We are in Brighton and would LOVE to meet up!!! My email is cnpeck10@gmail. com If you want to email me i'll give you my cell and we can chat. I didn't want to leave my number on here!

Brooke said...

Haha! Oh, I laugh/cried with this post (except I didn't ACTUALLY). Anyway, we have had a few rentals that just about broke my heart, so I really identified with this. It looks cute, though! Your family sounds awesome.

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