Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our Little Master William

William was so playful today.

We kept making ABC block towers and he would smile all big before he knocked them down and his shoulders would shake as he laughed about it. Caity and I couldn't make the towers fast enough for his greedy little bulldozing needs.  Meanwhile, Johnny was organizing all the blocks by letter and number, it was so cute.

Then, Johnny started playing a game with Will. Johnny would start on my bed, growl at Will, then bound towards him in these big exaggerated steps.  William would flinch and spin around and start crawling all fast and speedy, then dive into my lap and bury his face, giggling uncontrollably.  Johnny would tickle him then run back to my room and William would crawl after him and the whole escapade repeated itself over and over again- about 20-30 times. At some point, Caity joined in.  It is funny, as soon as we figure out a way to entertain that boy, we most certainly wear it out....then try it again the next day to see if it will work again!

This baby loves bananas.  He gets so excited when he see me peeling a banana. He will kick his little legs.  He refuses to let anyone feed him, so independent.  Today, he figured out how to turn around in his high chair, stand up and bounce up and down, holding on to the back of his chair.  That is how I found him, laughing and bouncing.  I put my hands out and said, "Are you all done?"  He stopped bouncing, smiled sheepishly, and slowly turned around and sat in his chair.  It was like he knew what I was saying! I asked him again if he was done, just to make sure and he grabbed some peas and started eating again.  It was the cutest thing that is probably only the cutest thing because I am in fact his mother.  John also thought it was the cutest thing though- but I don't know if that counts, because he is the father and all.

Anyway, it was a day of William.  We love our little guy!

When John got home and saw him, he noticed all sorts of new scrapes and bruises...I guess we played a little too hard. Poor guy!

His Daddy sure knows how to make him laugh!
wrestling with Dad after work.
In other news, I figured out how to load pictures from my camera today and have been catching up on old blog if you have time to kill and are interested...(mom) are some retro posts I finished today!
A Day of sight seeing in Seattle
I do have to warn you, since I had to write some of them from scratch, I was a little nostalgic and they are preeetty sappy! With probably way too many pictures and videos, haha. Oh well, I'll enjoy them anyhow! :)

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Brit said...

i love that you call him master william. it's too perfect. he has the most contagious smile!

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